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Speedways Group was formed in the year 1967 and Speedways Electric was established with a clear objective in the year 2011; to promote green environment by manufacturing wide range of Electric Vehicles and EV Batteries, for various transportation needs within personal and industry verticals. We want to promote collaborations and working cultures globally, to develop better economical transportation solutions. Like our Tag like says:

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  • Resorts
  • Townships
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industries
  • Theme Parks
  • Golf Course

Reasons to Choose Us

  • All Electric Powered
  • Only integrated manufacturing plant of electric vehicles in India.
  • Speedways EV covers all the key activities along the value chain in-house in its facility in
    • Product designing and prototyping
    • In-house production of critical assemblies
    • Outbound logistics for finished products
    • Service and after sales network across india and abroad.
  • Customization to your requirement.
  • Designed to make it comfortable, because your COMFORT MATTERS.

Why Speedways electric?

Speedways Electric is proud to introduce the latest range of electric vehicles, made in India. We are the manufacturers of the widest range of electric cars, electric golf carts and electric rickshaws in India. We develop custom electric vehicles for a wide range of applications. Our vehicles are used for hotels, hospitals, golf courses, education institutes, industries, farmhouses, residential societies, etc.

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Wide Range of cars

Royale Category View All

When we say Royale, we truly do mean royalty redefined in a classic car. Unlike outdated models, our battery operated classic cars are built with a modern twist – ensuring head turning value no matter where they go. Known for its comfort, style and unbeatable performance, our Royale is a dream to drive. It is highly suggested in Resorts, Townships and personal movement.

Golf Carts – SGC Series View All

When you are looking for Premium Golf Carts SGC models are a great choice for you. Unlike the imported expensive golf carts. These are in entirety at our modern plant , exclusively for Indian conditions they have higher ground clearance and we customize them for your specific needs.These are highly suggested for Hospitals, Golf courses, airports, parks, exhibition centers etc.

EMIGO Category View All

eMigo is your car and golf cart alternative. This Quadricycle is built on a patented monocoque like structure. eMigo gives perfect performance under tough conditions and feels like a normal car. Drive around campus, factories, rough roads or around the neighborhood, eMigo will be your best buddy.

Utility Vehicles View All

When you have problems with your facilities management, distribution, carrying materials within the factory or warehouse, or even carrying luggage at the resort, DO NOT WORRY, Speedways Utility Series got you covered! We provide you with an Electric Utility Vehicle, Electric Tugger or a Tow tractor; ranging from 500 kgs to 3 tons and we customise it to your needs too.

E-Rickshaw & E-Carts View All

Electric rickshaws, e-carts, or 3 wheel loaders are called the life line of small cities and towns for last mile commute. When it comes to passenger movement or last mile goods delivery, no one understands transportation better than us. Specially designed vehicles and technology crafted to best of its ability we have some great solutions for your everyday needs.

Sightseeing Bus View All

Whether you are looking to shuttle your employees in a large factory, students on university campuses, Patients in hospitals or tourists in theme parks or zoos. Speedways Electric Sightseeing bus has a complete range to fulfil your requirements along with many customisation options. We can craft your Sightseeing Shuttle from 11 seater to 23 seater.

Food & Beverage and Housekeeping Category View All

Food Carts and service carts are one of our USP’s and we have made solutions for hospitality that’s never existed before. The smooth ride and durable form will make it a joy to drive around and serve from for any area establishment. From the placement area to the seating arrangement to even the added accessories – we are available to come up with creative solutions to your transportation problems. The entire range has been designed in collaboration with various resorts, hotels, amusement parks and golf courses understanding their problems make it a product that would create profits from them.

Custom Vehicles View All

We develop custom electric vehicles for a wide range of applications. Our vehicles are used for hotels, hospitals, golf courses, education institutes, industries, farmhouses, residential societies or even last mile. Our moto is to fulfill your need, like our Tag Line says “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN MAKE IT”


Reasons to choose Us

  • Variety of cars to choose from
  • Eco-friendlyelectrical cars
  • Durable for long run
  • Best in class Service

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