Electric Zoo Train and Mini Train

Our Zoo Train is electric, eco-friendly and fuel-free!

With custom coaches designed to carry 9-12 people in each coach, our zoo train is equipped with a host of features for the comfort and safety of visitors touring the zoo. Built to be driven without tracks, it can run on road with the ability to stay smooth on rough terrains. Our zoo train is durable, beautiful and an attraction not worth a miss in any establishment.

Custom Designed Electric Zoo Train with Custom Coaches

Integrated music and announcement system

Give your guests a complete tour of your zoo with our announcement system integrated into the engine car. The speakers are strategically positioned within the coaches to receive music and announcements as the tourists are driven around the premises. This makes their visit more interactive and fun as they learn about various animals along their trail. Since the zoo train can carry many people in its comfortable coaches, this enables you to keep them all entertained and interested.

Coaches for Zoo Train Customized to Requirements

With seating options and branding options as well as inventive solutions for your specific requirements, our zoo trains are designed exact to your specifications.

We can offer many customizing options like doors, seats, led lights, seating capacity and speakers – we build your zoo train the way you want.

Suitable for tough terrains and for safaris, our trains can be built to suit specific needs.

Contact us for your own customized Zoo Train

We work on custom requirements so if you need a zoo train custom designed, feel free to get in touch for more information. We can also work on diesel variants of these trains.

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