Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries and Charging

Most golf cart models have 6 units of 8v175Ah batteries, manufactured in-­house at Speedways Batteries for optimum performance of electric vehicles. Some golf carts with greater capacity can also have 8 units of 6v225ah batteries to enhance the range of the vehicle. You can ask for the choice of battery packs if you have any concerns about the range of your vehicle.

A full charge takes 6 to ­8 hours, or overnight and powers the vehicle to run about 80kms. The smart chargers supplied with our golf carts are designed to cut off the power supply after the batteries have been fully charged to prevent over­-charging and elongate battery performance and life. We recommend letting the vehicle run the entire course of it’s charge before charging it a complete cycle again for better backup and longevity. Charging too much, just as not charging enough is not recommended.

Our golf carts have been capped to the speed of 25 kmph for optimum performance while keeping in mind the safety of the drivers and passengers. We can customize the vehicles for various speed capacities if you have any requirements that need for it to be so – however, the standard speed limit is recommended for vehicles that are open and used for private complexes as the safe limit.

The life of batteries is variable based on maintenance and usage but on an average, a well maintained car should require a battery pack change after 3 to ­4 years. If you follow proper maintenance instructions and get the cart routinely serviced, the battery pack can even outperform its expected life capacity.

Custom Usage and Special Requirement

Depending on the model, the suggested weight limit is recommended but your golf cart is equipped to handle both material and people on its frame. We recommend an additional luggage basket or a loader fitting if you use your golf cart regularly for materials to prevent any damage to the body with mishandling.

The golf carts can handle most terrains including and not limited to roads. However, these are only permissible to run in your internal complexes and don’t have the permission to be used as road vehicles. If you have roads in your premises, the golf carts will run optimally.

Yes, we can customize any model to your specifications. If you require any custom accessories or needs, feel free to discuss with us and we can create a custom solution for you.

Service and Maintenance

We are known for our efficient and timely service. We provide on site service for all our vehicles and have used spares that are easily available in your city. We also provide an AMC for the maintenance of your carts. Our golf carts come with a 1 year warranty.

Unlike traditional vehicles, electric vehicles require much less maintainence making them not just very economical to run but also to upkeep.

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