Mobile Green Advertising

Go Green with Our Mobile Advertising Solutions

What we propose is not just a contribution to our environment but also a unique and high-impact marketing strategy for your products. The vehicles run solely on electrical energy, and are hence noise-free and environment-friendly. We customize the vehicle to match your brand identity, and not just represent your brand but also enhance the salient features in a creative and attractive manner.

Catching Attention Has Never Been So Affordable!

Why our mobile advertising is better than the conventional advertising vehicles is because unlike them, we run our vehicles on electrical energy enabling us to drive the vehicles for a longer duration at lower costs. The Advertising vehicle speed has been limited of 20kmph so we make sure that the driver doesn’t move fast and gives enough time for everyone to enjoy the display.

For Advertisers

Cheaper to run and display

Unique and Catches Attention

Low Speed to catch everyone’s Attention

No Dependency on Fuel

All these features make our Green Outdoor Billboard Advertising the perfect choice for Advertisers.

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