Luxury Vintage Six Seater Golf Cart



Luxury Travel for the Discerning Group

Experience luxury like never before with Royale 6 Seater, the epitome of opulence for sightseeing and resorts. This extraordinary vehicle sets new standards in elegance and comfort.

royale 6

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Stylish dual-tone options for timeless elegance and versatility

Elegant and refined dashboard for a sleek driving experience

Exquisite Luxury

for Resorts & Sightseeing

Designed to impress, the Royale 6 Seater ensures a memorable experience for your guests. Let them bask in the lavishness of its interior, where every detail exudes sophistication and refinement. From panoramic views to spacious seating, this luxury ride is built to make a statement.

The vehicle's state-of-the-art technology, including break regeneration, ensures an eco-friendly ride without sacrificing performance. The spacious and opulent interior of the ROYALE 6 provides a comfortable and serene environment, making every journey a luxurious experience.
The ROYALE 6 is not just about transportation; it's about creating an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.

Full Windshield (Optional)

Alloy wheels (optional)

wood finish Steering (optional)

Foldable rain cover


  • Break Regeneration for Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Luxurious and Comfortable Seating Design
  • Specially designed Suspension for extra comfort
  • Programme as per use
  • Convertible Roof
  • Corrosion protected Chassis
  • Ease of manuverability
  • Bigger Drum Brakes for Safety
Seating Capacity 6 pax (4 Forward Facing + 2 Rear Facing)
Battery Type (Lead Acid) OR 175ah
Battery Type (Lithium) 130ah
Mileage 60-80kms
Motor AC 4KW
Charging Time 6-8hours
Design Patented
Steering position RHD and  LHD both available


Alloy Wheel

Rain Cover

Front Glass

Grab Handle



Seat Belt

Mobile charging socket

Body Cover

Sl No Parameters Description Technical Specification
1 Model ROYALE 6
2 Dimensional features Seating Capacity 6
3 Kerb Weight 680 Kg
4 Laden Weight 1200 kg
5 Overall Width 1300 mm
6 Overall Height 1795 mm
7 Overall Length 4050 mm
8 Turning Radius 4.5 m
9 Ground Clearance 160 mm
10 WheelBase 2975 mm
14 System Specification Motor 5 kw
19 Wheel Drive Rear wheel drive
20 Electrical System 48 V AC system
21 Batteries 6*8 V-175ah (lead acid) or 48 V -130 Ah (li-ion)
22 Controller 48V ,350 A
23 Charger 48V ,20-25 Amp
24 Battery Specification
25 lead Acid Length 264 mm
26 width 181 mm
27 Height 276 mm
28 Capacity C20 175AH
29 Dry Weight 24.5 kg
30 Weight Filled 31.5 kg
31 Warranty 1 year
32 Lithium Ion Capacity 130 ah
33 Warranty 3 years
34 Weight 50 KG
35 Steering Suspension Steering Rack and Pinion
36 Front Suspension Leaf spring with  hydraulic shocks
37 Rear Suspension MacPherson strut
38 Brakes OIL Brake / Wire Brake
44 Body/Chassis Frame/Chassis Power coated, tubilar steel chassis
47 Body Fibre
Tyres 175/60 R13
54 Roof ABS
64 Performance Maximun Speed 25 Km/h
65 Maximum Travel Distance 60-80 kms
66 Grade Ability Max 10-15 degrees
67 Dashboard Switch Panel (Key Switch) Yes
68 Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) Yes
69 Charging Indicator Yes
70 12 V Charging Socket Yes
75 LIGHTS Head Light Yes
76 Tail Light Yes
78 Indicator Yes
85 Optional Parts rain covers, seat belt ,Speedometer , body cover
86 Free Service 04 services
87 Warranty 1 year