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At Speedways Electric, we’re passionate about building things and then making them even better. With our dedicated R&D Center, we work on new technologies and contribute to bringing them into a practical shape and form.
The Sarup Singh R&D Center, named after the founder of the Speedways Group (est. 1967) has proud achievements to its name in the field of green mobility in India. With state of the art equipment and machinery, it is armed with a competent team that works on developing tomorrow’s solutions.. today.

Our Research and Development Projects

Shell Eco Marathon

Our R&D Center, in collaboration with students, made India’s first qualifying entry to the Shell Eco Marathon with it’s ultra efficiency vehicle. The car competed against entries from all around the world in Malaysia.

Battery Operated Vehicles for Inclines and Rough Terrains

We have developed durable solutions to the movement of people on tough terrains and road conditions – including a host of our popular electric vehicles running in the Himalayas. Developing chassis to safely negotiate inclines, we have pioneered in the technology for special terrains.

Electric Supercar – Elektrika

Elektrika made its name as India’s first purely electric supercar manufactured entirely as indigenous. The bold style and impressive technical specifications made it a media favorite.

Electric Reverse Trike – Komodo

A new category of vehicles was explored as Komodo – India’s first electric reverse trike was manufactured. Inspired by the Komodo Dragon, the vehicle was showcased at the Delhi edition of the Auto Expo – Asia’s largest platform for automobiles.

Solar Car

The R&D center has also worked extensively on harnessing solar energy for vehicles and has collaborated with students on numerous occasions to present new ideas in solar car innovation.

Proprietary Technology for Electric Vehicle Batteries

With a range of specially designed and specifically manufactured batteries, our R&D center has been responsible for innovation in deep cycle batteries and electric vehicle batteries. The performance outlasts renowned brand names and has created a niche for itself in the lead acid batteries segment.

Self Driving Cars

Exploring creative ways to develop self driving cars, we have worked on technologies to allow GPS assisted as well as mobile application guided vehicles.

Solar Powered Golf Carts

Bringing our expertise in solar technologies, we have also powered our popular golf carts with Solar panels to ensure alternative ways of charging where electricity may not be available.

Conversation Cars

Developed eventually into our Classique series, we brought in the idea of conversation cars to the work station – with vehicles that encourage people to talk to each other and experience their surroundings as they go around the premises.

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